How Do You Store Sweet Potato Vine Tubers?

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1 Answer

Always cure sweet potato vine tubers before storing them. Curing involves a special treatment of keeping the tubers at the same high temperature and humidity for a period. This treatment prevents the tubers from decaying, which happens during low temperatures. Sensitivity also varies among different sweet potato types. For example, commercial tubers most prone to damage include Maryland Golden, Little Stem Jersey, Big Stem Jersey and Orange Little Stem varieties, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Porto Rico tuber has the most resistance to damage in low temperatures. When you properly store sweet potato tubers, they will last four to six months. Dig up the sweet potato tubers and bring them to your storage area. Keep the temperature at 85 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 days to cure the tubers. Maintain the humidity at 90 percent or higher. Curing allows sweet potatoes to heal any bruises or cuts from handling, preventing decay. Cover the tubers to keep the ... more
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