How Do You Straighten Ethnic Hair Without Relaxer?

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1 Answer

Straightening ethnic hair can be a difficult and time-consuming process, especially if you choose to not use a relaxer or other harsh chemicals on your hair. However, you can naturally straighten your curly locks without wasting hours of your time. Wash and condition your hair. Always start with clean hair. Towel-dry hair. Massage in a leave-in conditioner. John Frida makes a product called Frizz-Ease which is very beneficial for keeping ethnic hair straight. It works by closing the hair shafts, effectively preventing humidity from entering the hair and causing frizz. This step is crucial if you want straight hair. There are other products on the market that also prevent frizz, but Frizz-Ease is the most popular. Dry hair using a blow dryer, preferably one with a brush attachment. If you do not have a brush attachment for your blow dryer, use a regular brush. Slowly brush hair in downward strokes as you steadily chase the brush with the heat from the blow dryer. This should ... more
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