How Do You Straighten Wood Walking Sticks?

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1 Answer

Crafting walking sticks is an old art. Many artisans choose sticks with natural curves that are not intended for actual use beyond decoration. These walking sticks are pleasing to look at, but when you want to make a straight stick is from a bent tree limb or sapling, you need to straighten the wood. Two methods give good results to beginners and experts. Choose a source to heat the water. If working in a home, use a regular kitchen range. If you are working in a garage or woodworking shop, you willwill need a portable source. One- or-two burner electric hot plates are recommended by AllWoodWork.com due to their safety in woodworking areas as compared to camp stoves. Fill a medium to large stockpot half full with plain water. Heat to the boiling point. Place the walking stick across the top of the pot. Allow the steam to fully penetrate the wood for five or more minutes. Put on thick gloves to protect against steam burns. Remove the stick. Wrap the area to be straightened with the ... more
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