How Do You Stretch Felt On A Pool Table?

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1 Answer

If you're doing repairs or restoration on a pool table, it can be frustrating to do it on your own. Here are the steps and tips for stretching the felt on your table. Remove the rails that are screwed into the frame or slate. There may be screw caps or plugs above the screws that need to be removed. Place the rails to the side in a safe, dry place. Lay the felt out across the entire table. It will look wrinkled and too small, but it will eventually stretch. If you have something flat, smooth, and heavy, lay it smooth-side down on each side of the table. Pull one side of the felt even with the slate and frame. This will be one of the two end rails. Line up the felt to the very edge of where you're stapling or gluing it. If gluing, spray a layer of glue onto the slate (about an inch from the edge) and the frame (also about an inch). Then press the felt firmly down on the glue after lining it up. If the flat pieces you have are available, pin the felt down with them. If stapling, use ... more
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