How Do You Strip A Relaxer From Hair?

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2 Answers

A relaxer is a popular means of straightening hair. However, there is no quick way to get rid of a relaxer once it is applied to the hair. Relaxers damage the hair all the way down to the shaft. Old wives' tales often say that treating relaxed hair with vinegar or bath soap will strip the relaxer from the hair, but they are not true. Relaxers are permanent, and applying these products to the hair will only damage it further. The only way to truly strip a relaxer is to cut the hair or let it grow out. Consult with a hair stylist. The stylist may be able to get around cutting off all the relaxed hair by braiding or coiling the hair. Styling the hair will allow it to grow out with minimal stress and breakage, and also will make the transition less obvious. Get the relaxed hair cut every four to six weeks. This may make it seem like the hair is just getting shorter and shorter, but it is important because cutting the hair removes fragile ends before they can break off, which further ... more
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Not true. My mom has stripped a relaxer out of her twice using mayonnaise.  Her hair didn't fall out and it was healthy.  She put it in her hair everyday for a week.

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