How Do You Summarize A Deposition Transcript?

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1 Answer

A deposition transcript contains the verbatim testimony of witnesses, including all facts and questions resulting from interrogation not conducted in court, that transpired during deposition. Depositions serve as direct pre-trial evidence for lawyers, specifically litigators, to harness in court. Summarizing a deposition transcript remains easy to draft, requiring only general understanding of the most immediately material facts that ensued during deposition. Deposition summaries seldom exceed four pages and usually range between one and two, depending upon the volume of information. Indeed, deposition summaries demand no greater knowledge than a general ability to read, brief and simplify material in the most succinct manner possible. Read the deposition with an active, engaged mind. Ask yourself who, what, where, when, and why to determine all relevant facts. Overlook extraneous details, such as immaterial questions and information not necessary in comprehending the case. Keep a ... more
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