How Do You Take Apart A Roper Washing Machine?

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1 Answer

Taking a Roper washing machine apart is a job that can be done in less than 30 minutes. The Roper washer is similar in design to many GE and Whirlpool brands, using a one-piece cabinet that covers the top, front and both sides of the washing machine. Taking the washer apart requires removing a few parts. That means you can take it apart yourself, saving the time and expense of calling a repairman to do the job for you. Unplug the electrical cord of the Roper washing machine from the electrical outlet, before attempting to take apart the washer. Detach the end caps from the washer by pressing in on the center of the caps with your thumbs. Pull them forward to remove the caps from the control console. Locate the screws in the front of the control console on both ends. Unfasten them with a screwdriver, setting the screws in a safe place. Flip the control console back so it is resting on the rear hinges. Locate the top lid switch near the back of the washer, unplugging the switch by hand. ... more
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