How Do You Take Blood Pressure In Legs?

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1 Answer

If a person has a certain medical condition, a doctor may recommend that her blood pressure be measured in her legs. This is often the case in women who have undergone surgery to remove cancerous lymph nodes during a breast biopsy. Mastectomy patients will also be recommended to have their blood pressure taken this way. To measure a person's blood pressure in their legs, certain adjustments will need to be made. Use a blood pressure cuff that is an appropriate size to use on a person's leg. Many medical supply stores will sell blood pressure cuffs with a larger circumference to fit a person's thigh. Request that the person lay flat on his stomach. You can place a pillow under his head to increase his comfort level. Apply the blood pressure cuff at the person's thigh; it does not matter which leg you use. You will also want to place your stethoscope over the person's popliteal artery to listen to the pulse as you take the measurement. The popliteal artery is located behind the knee ... more
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