How Do You Take Care Of A Baby Snapping Turtle?

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1 Answer

Baby snapping turtles need specific care, especially during the first few years of their life. Your turtle may be just two inches long now, but he will double in size every year until he reaches his adult size, which will be anywhere from 12 to 18 inches. If you take care of him during his first few years of growth, your turtle will be happy and healthy when he reaches adulthood. Buy a three-gallon tank or even a small hamster carrier (found in most pet stores) for your baby turtle's home. Add gravel or smooth pebbles to the bottom of the tank, along with one to three inches of water. Make sure he has enough water to submerge himself, but don't make the water deeper than the height of his shell. Snappers like to lie on the bottom of their tank and stretch their mouths up to the surface to breathe while they sleep. If your snapper has no place to rest in the water and breathe, he could drown from having to constantly swim. Find him some food. Snapping turtles are carnivores, but not ... more
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