How Do You Take Care Of A Runt Puppy?

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1 Answer

It is just part of nature that a dog sometimes delivers a litter of puppies that has a runt. While you may favor the runt because it is so tiny and cute, you also should realize that this tiny runt will need more care than the bigger, healthier puppies in the litter. Some runt puppies grow to be lively, healthy dogs, but unfortunately others do not survive. To ensure your runt puppy grows to be happy and healthy, you'll need to give it the best care possible. Pay close attention to how the mother dog is caring for the runt puppy. Is she allowing it to snuggle and nurse with its bigger, stronger litter mates? You might have to move the puppies around so that the little one can have a place to nurse. Keep the puppy warm. Its tiny body can't produce enough heat to keep warm. It may also be too weak to move close to the mother dog or the other puppies to keep warm. Place a directional lamp to shine on the puppies, and make sure they are not near any drafts. Supplement the runt puppy's ... more
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