How Do You Take In Baggy Pants?

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1 Answer

I'm going to try to help you correct the fit of your pants in the crotch area. Do you feel like the crotch is hanging down to your knees? Then this may help. This will only cover dress or work type pants as some jeans have other issues to deal with as far as taking apart and reconstructing. Have the person who is going to be wearing the pants put them on. Step around to their rear, and about halfway down the "seat" of the pant on the seam, pinch up some of the fabric at the same time pulling the crotch up. Put the safety pin into the pinched up area. Make sure the person wearing them is comfortable with where the crotch has been pulled up to. Possibly having them sit to make sure it isn't too tight. After the pants have been removed from above body, take a measurement of the pinched up area. Generally speaking, most crotch adjustments should be about 1" to 2". Now, get that razor blade or seam ripper ready. Turn the pants inside out. Starting at about where the knee area would be, ... more
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