How Do You Tame A Wild Rabbit?

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1 Answer

While most rabbits are cute and cuddly, wild rabbits can be dangerous. If you find a wild rabbit that's in environmental danger and want to help it, you can try to tame the rabbit and assist with its relocation. Set a humane trap to capture the wild rabbit. These can be purchased at your local feed or pet supply store. Setting a trap can help ensure the rabbit's safety. Feed the wild rabbit. Older rabbits can eat grass and alfalfa. Young babies can be fed kitten replacement milk, but never give a rabbit cow's milk. Remember to provide plenty of water. House the wild rabbit in a rabbit cage, and be cautious when putting your arms and hands into the cage with the rabbit. Just because you have caught the wild rabbit doesn't mean that it's suddenly tame. Provide a suitable nest area in the cage for the wild rabbit consisting of a bed of leaves. Then place the cage under small shrubbery for security. Keep the rabbit cage clean by removing the waste and replacing any pellets or papers on a ... more
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