How Do You Tape A Groin Injury?

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What's commonly called a groin injury, or groin pull, is usually hyperextension of one or more of the adductor muscles of the hip and pelvis. The muscles of the groin can become very sore or even rip when stretched too far. The purpose of taping a groin injury is to allow as much normal range of motion in the muscles as is practical given the severity of the injury without allowing further hyperextension that can aggravate the condition. Wrap your thigh. Start by securing one end of your bandage to the thigh. Begin on the inside of the thigh and wrap forward once around the thigh, tight enough to apply moderate tension across the front of the thigh. Wrap around the waist. On the second wrap around the thigh, instead of wrapping back towards the rear of the thigh, continue around the back of the waist to the front over the lower abdominal muscles. After passing around the waist, wrap across the hip and down to the original starting point. Repeat. Continue wrapping in the manner ... more
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