How Do You Tell The Age Of An Antique Oil Lamp?

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1 Answer

Old oil lamps can be a fun addition to your home or a source of a profit, depending on the condition and age of your lamps. While you can tell what shape the lamp is in by looking at it, you probably won't be able to find much manufacturing information on antique oil lamps. The best way to get an exact date of manufacture is by having an appraiser view the lamp. You can also educate yourself on oil lamps that resemble yours to better understand the antique lamp market and the changing styles of lamps throughout time. Inspect your antique oil lamp from all sides, looking for special markings, signatures or other clues to the lamp's age and manufacturer. These may include stamps, insignia or a manufacturers' name near the wick winder button. Oldcopper.org displays many of the markings found on antique oil lamps in a list that's broken down by manufacturer. Note any dings, scratches or other markings. Use a magnifying glass to get a closer look. Photograph your oil lamp in natural light. ... more
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