How do you tell the sex of a baby turkey?

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2 Answers

Determining the sex of baby turkeys can be challenging. A young turkey's developing sex organs are difficult to see, and often, males and females look similar. Although some farmers argue that you can determine the sex of a chick by the shape of the egg it hatches from, this is not an accurate means of determining whether baby turkeys are male or female. The most effective way to determine the sex of the birds is by vent sexing. Hold a turkey chick in your hand, rear end up. Its neck should rest between your middle and ring fingers and its legs should fall between your pinkie and ring fingers. Squeeze the chick's lower abdomen to evacuate any waste from the cloaca, or lower intestinal cavity. Avoid a mess by hold the turkey chick over a waste container during evacuation. Lift the chick to eye level and squeeze open the cloaca; press on the outer left edge of the cloaca, or vent, with a left finger. Use a thumb and pointing finger to pull open the right side of the opening. Look for a ... more
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