How Do You Tell When A Plantain Is Ripe?

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Plantains are starchy fruits that are considered to be vegetables. They look a lot like bananas, but are a little bigger and harder to peel. If you are not familiar with plantains, you will want to know how to tell if they are ripe. Plantains are very rarely eaten raw unless they are fully ripened. They taste much better cooked or in a recipe with other ingredients. In fact, when plantains are ripe, much of their starch has turned into sugar. That makes them perfect for using in dessert recipes. Look at the peel of the plantain. If a plantain is ripe it will appear dark brown, almost black in color. This is the best indicator that a plantain is ripe. Check to see if the skin is wrinkly. This is another good indicator that the plantain is ripe and ready to use. Press on the plantain for the final test. It should yield easily if it is ripe. If does not, let it sit at room temperature for a few more days until it does. Keep in mind that plantains do not ripen as fast as bananas. It can ... more
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