How Do You Tension A Roller Door?

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1 Answer

Tensioning existing roller door. You may need to tension your roller door if it doesn't stay open wanting to drop down all the time. You may find that your remote door is not starting off properly in its down ward motion... the solution is to apply more tension. Or you may want to install a new garage door motor to an existing door, if so you will certainly have to apply tension to get it working properly with the use of a weight bar. Step 1 Place garage door in 1/2 open position on manual (if automated) with door 1/2 open let go to see if it is balanced, if it drops it will need the application of tension. If you plan to fit a remote control opener, you will have to over tension the door and fit a weight bar to make the new motor run efficiently. Step 2 With the garage door in the open position adjust the pipe wrench to fit the roller door axle. The pipe wrench is positioned over the top of the pipe to lever the wrench from the wall above the garage door bracket down toward you and ... more
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