How Do You Test A Dryer Timer Motor?

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1 Answer

A dryer's timer motor keeps tabs on how long the drying cycles will run when you use your dryer. While most of today's dryers also feature auto shutoffs when the chamber air hits a certain temperature, they still require the use of a timer motor to operate. It is not very often that the timer motor goes bad on a dryer, but knowing how to test it will definitely help rule it out as the source of your dryer's malfunction. Here is how to test a dryer's timer motor. Step 1 Turn off the power to the dryer. You can do this by turning off the circuit breaker that delivers power to it, or you can simply unplug the machine if it is not direct fed. Step 2 Locate the timer on your dryer's control panel. It is typically the dial with the largest set of options like "optimum dry" or numerical time indicators. On the backside or the top of the control panel, find the screws that you will have to remove to open it up. Step 3 Set the towel down at the base of the control panel on the dryer. This ... more
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