How Do You Test Christmas Tree Lights?

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"Before you even approach your tree with your lights there is a very very important test to do. Make sure that your lights work first go over to your outlet and plug them in make sure that all the lights lite up and that everything is functioning. There is nothing more frustrating than taking all the time and energy and the patience of stringing up and doing a really great job on your Christmas tree lights. Then when you go to plug them in and there is nothing because there is a bulb out or you have a defective light or something else whatever happening to where they do not work. You are already incredibly frustrated as you have to ripe them off your tree and go back to the store and tell that clerk off. Let's avoid that entirely test your lights first right when they come out of the package you get them ready to go find your outlet it doesn't have to be the one that is going to be close but if you want for your own peace of mind to make sure your lights like the outlet go over and ... more
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  1.  Christmas Tree LightsMake sure your lights are plugged in (trust me, sometimes people forget to do this).
  2. Look to make sure that your Christmas tree's light settings are switched to "on."
  3. Check to make sure each bulb is not discolored, black, broken, or loose. Sometimes one bulb will make the entire strand not work - tighten and replace these bulbs.
  4. Install a new fuse in the plug - most light strands include a few fuses to replace the damaged ones.
  5. Make sure the light strands are tightly connected together. Push the strands firmly together.
  6. You can even check each individual bulb to see if it's faulty with a light tester.

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