How Do You Thaw Frozen Fuel Lines?

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Frozen fuel lines can occur if your vehicle is low on gas and left overnight or longer in conditions that are freezing or below freezing. What freezes is the water and other additives in gasoline. Gasoline itself remains flammable at unbelievably cold temperatures. Nonetheless, if your fuel lines are frozen, there are a few things you can do to get your vehicle up and running again. Bring the vehicle to a warm garage. Heat and sustained warmth is the best solution for thawing frozen fuel lines. Obviously, if your vehicle is inoperable, you'll need a tow truck to transport it to the nearest warm location. After your vehicle is in the garage for about three hours, try starting it again. In all likelihood, it will be all systems go. Try to warm the engine on-site. This is a trickier option for several reasons. One, you must have a rough idea of where the fuel lines are in your vehicle. Two, you have to have electric heaters or a propane fueled heater available. Three, you need time to ... more
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