How Do You Thaw Frozen Underground Water Pipes?

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1 Answer

During extreme weather, water pipes can freeze up, trapping ice in the tube which inhibits the flow of fresh water into the plumbing system of a house or building. However, there is no need to panic, as this problem can be quite easily taken care of in a minimum amount of time, and using common household items. Boil 2 gallons of water. Either build, find, or purchase two lengths of pipe connected together at a 90-degree angle with an elbow. The diameter of this pipe must be smaller than that of the pipe which is frozen. This is your thaw pipe. Using a pipe wrench, remove the fitting from the pipe that is frozen. Place a bucket on the floor beneath the opening to the frozen pipe. You may also want to place towels or other cloths out to catch any excess or errant water. Take the thaw pipe constructed in the previous section and insert one end into the frozen pipe. Make sure the other end of the thaw pipe is sticking straight up. Place the funnel at the top end of the thaw pipe. Pour ... more
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