How Do You Tie A Flying Bowline?

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1 Answer

A flying bowline is a variation on the bowline, a knot that is used to tie halyards and sheets to sails, or an anchor line, or even two lines together. Have a yen to go to sea? You must tie this knot. Hold the loose end of a rope in your right hand. Make a loop about a foot from the end of the rope. Put the loose end of the rope through the loop and then around the rope, then back through the loop. Pull the loose end of the rope until the knot tightens. Put one end of a rope over an object. Make a slip knot with the longer portion of the rope by making a small loop beneath the object, then passing another loop through it. Pass the short loose end of the rope over the object and through the loop of the slip knot. Pull on the long end of the rope. The resulting knot will be a flying bowline. Form a loop near the end of the rope with the end of the rope lying on top of the rest of the rope. Hold the crossed portion of the rope with your fingers on top and your thumb beneath the rope. ... more
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