How Do You Tips For Preserving Potted Evergreen Christmas Trees?

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1 Answer

If you plan on getting a potted evergreen tree for Christmas, this tree can have a life after the holidays. Follow the tips below to ensure your tree will still be alive to transplant when spring arrives. Check with your local nurseries for evergreen trees for your area. The air inside the house is very dry therefore the trees will dry out quickly. Place the tree out of direct sun, and keep the roots moist. A good guideline is to water the tree twice a week. The longer the tree is indoors, the tree will begin to lose their hardiness. Limit the indoor time to 2-3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the tree will come out of its winter hibernation and start to grow like your other houseplants. After the holidays, store the tree in an unheated, sheltered space. A garage with windows or a porch will do fine. Trees do require partial sunlight. Most conifers need some chilling time in order to grow normally. Water once before storing, leave them be after watering. Plant outside when the ground thaws. more
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