How Do You Tone Down Red Hair Dye?

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1 Answer

Red hair dye is unique and stunning. Thehairstyler.com says red tones are a great color for a change in scenery and can give your hair a glossy look. The color is rare compared to its blonde and brunette counterparts. However, sometimes red hair dye can be unexpectedly overwhelming. It can be too vivid or bright and might need to be toned down. Here's how to do it. Put on gloves to protect your hands and fingernails from dye stains. Drape a protective cape or towel around your shoulders to protect skin and clothes from dye stains. Mix the ash based semi-permanent hair color with the color developer or activator in the color applicator bottle, according to the directions. Apply the color mixture all over hair and allow to process for the recommended time. Rinse hair color from hair, and shampoo and condition as usual. more
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