How Do You Treat Hoof Fungus And White Line Disease In Horses?

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1 Answer

While the causes of fungal infections in horses' hooves are still in controversy, there are many ways to treat a fungal infection in horses. Many call a fungal infection White Line Disease. Others argue white line disease is simply a flared hoof wall where the white line has become detached. Either way, treating the fungus is essential. White lightning is a product many people swear by. It is mixed with equal parts white vinegar and used as a soak or a gel. It is expensive and if your horse isn't well behaved or afraid of soaking boots, can be difficult. However, it is effective against fungus and bacteria so it can be used to treat thrush as well without hurting good tissue. Another good and less expensive soak is half water half apple cider vinegar. It also does not hurt live tissue. A good option is mixing triple antibiotic ointment and athlete's foot cream together and, using a syringe put the mixture into the holes daily. If you are working with a vet or farrier, they might ... more
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