How Do You Trim Dead Flowers From Rose Bushes?

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1 Answer

Roses are hardy flowers and, when they are cared for properly, will grow for many years. Part of caring for the rose requires trimming, which is also known as deadheading. Deadheading is when you remove the dead or faded flowers from the bush. This not only tidies up the plant, but also causes it to redirect the energy into producing longer stems and growing new leaves and flowers instead of sustaining dying and wilted flowers. Wear gardening gloves when trimming roses to protect your hands from the thorns. Use pruning shears with sharpened blades on both sides. The type with a blade on one side and a flat "anvil" on the other side tends to crush the stems instead of cutting them. Trim off the dead flowers. Look on the stem, below the flower (where the stem is as thick as a pencil) to the nearest five leaflet set. Locate the small swollen bump (where the new growth will emerge) that is pointing towards the outside of the bush. Cut about ¼-inch above the leaves with the swollen bump. ... more
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