How Do You Trim Wing Feathers On An African Grey Parrot?

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1 Answer

African Grey parrots are excellent escape artists. Trimming the wing feathers on an African Grey parrot can help to prevent the bird from flying away should it escape from your home and help prevent accidents if the bird gets loose in the house. Take the bird into a quiet room. Regardless of how tame the bird is, trimming its feathers is likely to be a stressful experience. Performing the trimming in a quiet room can help to reduce some of this stress. Wrap the bird into a thick towel. An assistant should be holding the bird in the towel, and should cradle the bird firmly with one hand and keep the towel wrapped snugly around the bird's body. She should also hold the back of the bird's head to prevent the bird from being able to bite. Position the bird on its back on your assistant's lap. Move the towel on one side of the body so that you can easily access its wing. Gently extend the wing out from the bird's body. Locate the primary flight feathers, which are the longest feathers on ... more
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