How Do You Troubleshoot A Cyberlink Power DVD?

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1 Answer

Cyberlink PowerDVD is a computer program that is designed to allow you to play video discs of all type on your computer. The program can read regular DVD video discs, Blu-Ray discs, HD-DVD discs, video CDs and even regular video computer files. If you're having issues with PowerDVD, the majority of problems can be quickly taken care of by trying just a few simple things. Make sure that your drive is capable of playing the type of disc media you are attempting to view. Just because PowerDVD can recognize Blu-Ray discs or HD-DVD discs, for example, doesn't mean that your computer actually can. Check the front of your computer's disc drive for the logos of the disc-based formats it can recognize. Download the latest program updates. Go to Cyberlink.com (see References) and go to the product support page for PowerDVD. Occasionally Cyberlink will release updates to the program. These updates add new features to PowerDVD, but also fix problems that users have reported. As a legal owner of ... more
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