How Do You Troubleshoot A Petsafe Collar?

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1 Answer

When you have installed a PetSafe wire in your yard, it may work for a while and then the collar may suddenly appear to stop working. There are a number of problems that may be involved with this sort of issue, so it's important to look at all possible reasons for the collar's failure. Check the transmitter. If the collar doesn't appear to be working, it may be because of a break in the wire. If both lights on the transmitter are lit, indicating it is on and that there is a full circuit connection, go to step 4. If the power on the transmitter is off altogether, check that the power plug is in the outlet and plugged into the transmitter. If this doesn't get the power to turn on, you may need a new transmitter or plug. These two items are covered by the company's lifetime warranty, but you will need your proof of purchase to invoke your warranty rights. If the power is on, but the circuit is broken, check to make sure both wire ends are connected to the transmitter. If they aren't, ... more
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