How Do You Troubleshoot A Sony Walkman CD Player?

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1 Answer

The Sony Walkman CD player is a personal, portable player designed to play music on the go, wherever you are. However, the device does run into different issues with playing CDs, ranging from the CD just not loading to music skipping during playback. Whatever issue you are encountering there are usually several ways to correct the problem. Change out the current AA batteries in the Sony Walkman CD player. If the player is beginning to turn off after only a few minutes of playtime and the display screen appears light, it is due to the batteries beginning to fail. New batteries are going to correct this problem. Open the CD lid and look at the bottom of the CD. If the CD is dirty or scratched the Sony Walkman is not going to read it properly. Wipe off the CD with a soft, damp cloth to remove any debris stuck to it. Spray compressed air into the open CD lid, toward the reading lens. Gunk stuck to the lens is going to prevent it from reading inserted CDs. Do not touch the lens yourself ... more
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