How Do You Tune Up An Oil Furnace?

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1 Answer

Oil furnaces provide reliable heat in areas where oil is sold as a utility. In addition, oil heat is convenient for off-the-grid homes that store oil for heating purposes. New oil furnaces are highly efficient, but an annual tune up will keep them functioning at top performance. While you should hire a professional for major repairs or replacements, you can tune up your oil furnace annually and save money; here's how. Step 1 Plan to tune up your oil furnace after its last use in the spring. This is the best time for routine maintenance, and if you need to call a professional, it will be easier to get one at this time. Step 2 Shut off the oil supply valve to your furnace and disconnect the electrical feed to the blower before you begin. Step 3 Start with the chimney and work your way towards the furnace. Clean the soot buildup from the stack by removing the bolts with a wrench and placing the bolts on the newspaper. Remove the control sensor by gently disconnecting the plug and set it ... more
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