How Do You Turn A Gourd Into A Turkey Table Decoration?

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1 Answer

Thanksgiving and harvest season is a time of year to reflect on all we’re blessed with and thankful for in life. It’s also an occasion to entertain loved ones and eat turkey and all the fixings. This year as you decorate for the holiday get-together, add a whimsical touch to your traditional decorations with this playful turkey table decoration. Placed alone or in a flock, this gourd creation crafted from inexpensive items will add an element of fun to any table. Prepare for this project by gathering all the supplies on a table or large tray. Wash and dry the gourd. Plug in the glue gun to allow it ample time to heat. Make sure to place the hot glue gun and scissors far from the reach of children and pets. Create the turkey feathers by drawing and cutting out a total of 10 feathers, four of one color and six of another, from the construction paper. Choose harvest colors for the feathers: red, orange, yellow and brown. Add details to the feathers with the black marker. Lay one feather ... more
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