How Do You Turn A Pole Barn Into A House?

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1 Answer

A habitable pole barn can provide emergency housing for a family member who has no other place to live. Another use is to provide a place for you to live when you are building a house, particularly if your previous home sold too quickly. Your main concerns include waste removal, water, electric and insulation. Privacy can be an issue as well. Check the type of flooring you have already. If you have a concrete slab for a floor, it makes the process of adding plumbing more difficult but still doable by cutting an area out of the concrete. If you don't have a vapor barrier under the concrete, you'll be limited as to flooring choices, since moisture comes through. A vapor barrier costs around $20 and is nothing more than a layer of plastic, so it's worth putting it under the concrete if you haven't poured it yet. If the floor is dirt, that's best, because you can add all the changes necessary before you pour your floor. Consult local inspectors about requirements for adding plumbing and ... more
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