How Do You Unfreeze A Frozen Car Door Lock?

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1 Answer

Car doors and car door locks are notorious for freezing during the winter, particularly when it snows out. Moisture can seep into the door lock and freeze, making it impossible to unlock the car door. Try these tips to thaw a frozen door lock on your car! Step 1 TRY ANOTHER DOOR: It sounds simple, but many people get flustered and panic when they discover that their car door lock is frozen and they may not think of trying another door! Try another door or the hatch. Often, one of the other door locks will work just fine! Step 2 USE THE CAR DOOR LOCK DE-ICER: If you live in a cold climate, spend a few dollars and purchase a little aerosol canister of lock de-icer. Lock de-icer is easy to use and it can be used to unfreeze a car door lock or a frozen door lock on your home, office or other building. Insert the door lock de-icer nozzle into the door lock, squirt and unlock the car door. Step 3 WARM YOUR KEY WITH A LIGHTER: If you don't have lock de-icer handy, move on to this step. Use ... more
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