How Do You Use A 12-Volt LED On A 24 Volt?

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1 Answer

LEDs are semiconductors which convert electricity into light. Most LEDs have an operating voltage between 1.7 to slightly less than 4 volts, so when an LED is marked as a 12 volt LED consumers are often confused into thinking something must be special about these LEDs. In fact, these are nothing more than a normal LED with an appropriately sized resistor attached in series with it to supply it with the correct amount of current despite the extra voltage. In essence, the extra voltage is burned off, in the form of heat, through the resistor. To run a 12-volt LED with a 24-volt supply requires nothing more than a few calculations and an extra resistor. Calculate the value of the resistor to be added. Since the LED module or bulb in question was originally designed to be driven by a 12-volt supply and now must be driven by 24 volts, subtract the old voltage from the new voltage. 24-12 = 12. The new power supply is 12 volts higher, and this is extra energy that the LED was not designed ... more
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