How Do You Use A Clothing Steamer On Curtains?

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1 Answer

Steaming curtains with a handheld clothing steamer not only helps to eliminate wrinkles, it helps to keep the drapery clean. Unfortunately, not all curtains can be steamed, as humidity can warp or shrink dry clean only fabrics. Make sure that your drapes are made from washable material before applying steam. Vacuum your curtains thoroughly to remove all dust and debris before you use the clothing steamer. Using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, work from top to bottom on the drapes, paying special attention to folds and hems. For ease, close your curtains completely and hold the fabric taut as you pass the vacuum head over the fabric. Wipe any potentially dirty areas around the curtains, as once you begin steaming the fabric, they will more easily attract dirt. Wipe down the windowsill, wash the glass and remove cobwebs and dust from around the curtain rod. If your drapes fall near to the ground, make sure that you vacuum well near the curtains, particularly if you have ... more
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