How Do You Use A Framing Square To Make An Ellipse?

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1 Answer

To make an ellipse, you can achieve a clean line by using a framing square and a piece of wood. Using this device, you will draw one fourth of the ellipse at a time. You can use this method to outline an arch for a doorway, an opening for a sink in the top of a vanity or to make unique table tops. Step 1 Determine the height of the ellipse you want. In this article, the height is the narrow part of the ellipse. Step 2 Pick a piece of wood that is 6 inches longer than the height of the ellipse. The extra 6 inches will give you a hand grip to move the wood as you draw the ellipse. Measure and mark on the wood the height of the ellipse. Remember you will have the extra 6 inches for the hand grip on the end. Put a brad in the spot you marked for the height of the ellipse. Mark a spot on the wood that is half the height of the ellipse, and put a brad in that spot. Step 3 Tape a pencil to the end of the stick. Draw lines across the width and height of the ellipse, creating an X in the ... more
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