How Do You Use A Lavender Tincture?

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1 Answer

Lavender has found a multitude of uses as a natural treatment for many maladies. A tincture is an infusion of the flowers in a mixture of water and alcohol. Folk medicine uses a variety of natural plants to deal with illnesses and injuries. Lavender use for medicinal purposes dates as far back as the 1700s in Europe and even further back in China. Place a few drops of the tincture on a piece of flannel or cotton cloth and inhale deeply. The lavender scent has a calming effect and combats stress. The scent of lavender also treats nervous conditions. Consume a teaspoon of the tincture in few ounces of warm to very warm water to aid in sleeping. Lavender has eased cases of insomnia. Part of the reason for this is its calming effect. Drinking as a tea will ease headaches and even migraines. This tea will cause sweating in cases of fever. The sweating will bring the temperature down. Sip a teaspoon every few hours to relieve diarrhea and intestinal distress. Lavender battles flatulence, ... more
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