How Do You Use A Magic Chef Breadmaker?

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1 Answer

The Magic Chef Breadmaker has eight cycles and a delay timer. Each cycle offers a different type of bread such as french or cake. It bakes a 1-lb. or a 1 1/2-lb. loaf of bread. The Magic Chef Breadmaker has three different crusts to choose from: light, medium and dark. The breadmaker will knead dough for pizzas or specialty breads. It will bake rapidly for pale white bread or longer for whole wheat bread. The machine can be set to beep as an alert for adding additional ingredients like raisins or nuts. The Magic Chef Breadmaker is convenient and easy to use -- every baker's dream. Make sure you have all three parts to your Magic Chef Breadmaker: the machine, the kneading blade and the bread bucket. Remove the bread bucket from the machine by pulling hard. Take the kneading paddle out of the bread bucket and set it aside. Set your bread bucket next to the sink and use a measuring cup to fill the bucket up with water. Count how many cups it takes. If you use 10 cups, then your machine ... more
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