How Do You Use A Peavey Vypyr Amp?

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1 Answer

Some of the most well-known musical equipment and devices produced by Peavey Electronics are amplifiers, which include the 5150/6505 and the JSX line. Recently, Peavey introduced the Vypyr line of amplifiers, which feature 32-bit, floating-point processors that model some of the most natural sounds available in electronics. Plug in your amp and turn on the power switch; the amp will run through a short boot process. Connect your guitar to the amp's input jack and select a comfortable volume level by turning the "Master Volume" knob. Turn the knob marked "Stompboxes" to choose the stompbox-style effect that you would like to use. Stompbox effects include modulation enhancements (such as Wah or chorus) and distortions that would typically be placed between your guitar and the amplifier in a live-sound setting. Press the knob and release it to engage the stompbox effect editing mode to change the parameters of the selected effect. Turn the knob marked "Amp" to select the model of ... more
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