How Do You Use A Sewer Line Bubbler Attached To The Garden Hose?

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1 Answer

Another common name for a sewer line bubbler is a Clog Buster. This tool is an expandable rubber tube that can be connected to a garden hose, inserted into household plumbing waste pipes and used to clean out sewer blockages. These rubber tubes come in a variety of sizes to fit various sizes of household drain pipes. Step 1 Open the sewer clean-out cap by unscrewing the cap with a pipe wrench. If plumbing is backed up in your system, be prepared for waste water under pressure to flow forcefully out of the cap when the seal is broken. Release the seal slowly and carefully and have large buckets ready to catch the water as it flows out. This water must drain before you can insert the garden hose. Step 2 Screw the sewer line bubbler onto the garden hose securely. This connection is a typical male/female threaded connection. Make sure a rubber gasket (seal) is present inside the threaded connection of the sewer line bubbler. Tighten the connection with a pipe wrench to make sure that it ... more
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