How Do You Use Ammonia In The Laundry?

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1 Answer

Ammonia is a mystery to some...and a trusted laundry aid to others. It smells horrible, but leaves your laundry smelling fresh and clean. It seems like it should eat through fabric, but is gentle enough for delicates and can even be used on silk, if diluted properly, and is safe for colored clothes. This article walks you through using ammonia in your laundry. Use non-sudsy ammonia in your laundry. Ammonia comes in two types: sudsy, which contains a small amount of detergent and non-sudsy, or regular. Non-sudsy is usually used in the laundry. Sudsy can be used in the laundry as well, although you may need to reduce the amount of laundry detergent if you find you have too much suds in your washer. Ammonia also comes in unscented, lemon and pine. The scent doesn't make much difference in the wash, but may smell a little better out of the bottle. Use ammonia on stains that are acidic, like fresh perspiration or urine, or fatty or greasy stains. Because ammonia is alkaline, opposite of ... more
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