How Do You Use An Archery Peep Sight?

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1 Answer

Many enthusiasts of target archery utilize peep sights to help them improve their aim. Simple to install and even easier to use, peep sights can give you just the smallest edge and can help you improve your overall archery skills. Determine where the bow sight should be located by entering your regular shooting stance and drawing your bow. Have someone mark the area where your eye naturally rests on your string. Insert the peep sight in between the strands of your bow string. Be sure the string fits properly in the groove. Lash serving thread both above and below the peep sight to hold it in place and prevent your bow string from unraveling. Assume your normal shooting stance. Draw and anchor your shot as you would without a peep sight. Align the sight opening with the bullseye of the target you wish to hit. Be sure you are using the eye on the same side of the body you use to draw. Ensure your bow is level by checking the vertical of the bow limbs in your peripheral vision. Focus on ... more
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