How Do You Use Boric Acid To Treat A Dog's Infected Eye?

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1 Answer

Greenish mucous oozing from a dogs eye is a sign of infection. Try a solution of boric acid. The following remedy can also be used on puppy's eyes to keep him clean and prevent infection. This is not a medication for a severe eye infection. However, it can cure a slight infection and probably eliminate it before it develops into something nasty. Boric acid has wonderful healing and cleaning abilities, and it has been tried and true for healing dogs' eye infections for years. Step 1 Dissolve ¼ teaspoon boric acid in ½ cup boiling water, according to the Kerry Health Breed Information Website (See Resources). Step 2 Allow the mixture to cool down. Using the mixture too soon could result in a burn. The cooled solution can be refrigerated for up to one week. Step 3 Wet the cotton ball with your boric acid mixture. Step 4 Wipe the infected eye gently with the mixture. You can use the cotton ball to remove the green gooey stuff from the eye area, then throw it away. Step 5 Use a new cotton ... more
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