How Do You Use Castor Oil To Treat Sprains?

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1 Answer

Sprains are caused by an injury to a ligament, the connective tissue linking bones together at joints. They most frequently occur in the ankle, knee, elbow or wrist and result from twisting the joint while it is bearing weight. You might experience a sprain during sports activity, tripping over something in the yard or falling on ice and breaking your fall with your hands. A sprain results in pain and swelling. Castor oil is a traditional remedy for treating sprains. Take out a piece of wool flannel or a cotton cloth. A non-dyed cloth is best, so you might use a white towel or an old T-shirt. Apply castor oil onto your skin or saturate the cloth with the oil and wring the cloth out. Fold the cloth so it fits the sprained area and wrap it around the joint. Cover the cloth with a plastic wrap or an elastic bandage. Wrap it tightly but not to the point of further discomfort. Place a heat source over the castor oil pack. A heating pad works well. Elevate the sprained joint over the level ... more
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