How Do You Use Christian Ladies Night Out Ideas For Fellowship And Fun?

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1 Answer

Use these Christian ladies night out ideas for needed fellowship and fun in the lives of the Christian women at your church. One of the best things a women can do for her family and her self is to be a happy, healthy, stimulated individual. A Ladies Night Out fellowship adds socialization and stimulation to the lives of busy modern women. These monthly or weekly outings build up a support group for the women of your church and stimulate conversations about life, God and family. This article includes some fun Christian ladies night out ideas that apply to all Christian women. HOST A CRAFT NIGHT - Craft nights can encompass a variety of activities. Provided should be the material to engage in the craft (ask for support of members) and an expert (either a member of the fellowship or someone called in). Start the craft night out with a prayer and an icebreaker or quick update about life. ex icebreaker: What is the silliest ting you have done this last week? Arrange yourselves in a ... more
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