How Do You Use Eggshells For Plant Fertilizer?

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1 Answer

Avoid spending money on store-bought plant fertilizer and use your own garbage. Discarded eggshells are often used as a plant fertilizer. This is because eggshells contain calcium. According to the Santarosa County Extension at the University of Florida, the alkaline calcium raises, or neutralizes, the pH level of overly acidic soil, in turn promoting early growth in plants. Most plants prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH between 5.8 and 7.0. Plants that thrive in soil with this pH are asparagus, onions and strawberries. A study conducted by student researchers at PlantingScience.org revealed that red clover plants fertilized with eggshells grew an average of more than 10 mm larger than plants without eggshells. Making eggshell fertilizer is inexpensive and eco-friendly, since the process reuses material to promote plant growth. Collect several eggshells and rinse off any egg residue. Each plant will require between four and five eggshells. Set the shells on a towel to dry. Make ... more
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