How Do You Use Electricity To Catch Nightcrawlers?

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1 Answer

Nightcrawlers, more commonly known as earthworms, live underground and often are used as fishing bait or for composting. You can gather them from your backyard by using electricity. The nightcrawlers will sense the electric current and move upward out of the ground to escape it. Put on rubber boots and gloves to help protect against electrical shock. Cut a foot-long piece of wire from the coat hanger. Make sure the extension cord is unplugged and insert the wire into the smaller hole on the female side of the cord. Push the wire into the ground firmly until the top with the extension cord is almost at ground level. Make sure that no pets or small children are nearby and plug the extension cord into an outlet. After a few minutes, nightcrawlers will begin to emerge from the soil. Unplug the extension cord before gathering your nightcrawlers to reduce the risk of electric shock. more
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