How Do You Use Lemon Eucalyptus Oil As An Insect Repellent?

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1 Answer

Lemon eucalyptus oil, when used in conjunction with other types of insect repellents, offers natural and long-lasting protection from insect bites. Lemon eucalyptus can keep bugs away from you and your loved ones for up to 6 hours per application, which is much longer than other natural ingredients such as citronella oil. Use lemon eucalyptus oil as part of an effective insect repellent formula, along with DEET and other natural ingredients, for a longer-lasting product. Lemon eucalyptus oil serves to prolong the protection against insects for as long as 6 hours, which makes it very practical for use while fishing, camping and hiking. You can also dilute pure eucalyptus oil by mixing it with your favorite moisturizing lotion or sunscreen. Purchase an insect repellent containing lemon eucalyptus oil to protect yourself against the West Nile virus, which is carried by mosquitoes. The Center for Disease Control names lemon eucalyptus oil, along with DEET and Picaridin, as among the most ... more
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