How Do You Use Lime In An Outhouse?

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1 Answer

Lime is of great value in a privy or outhouse. The type used for outhouses is calcium hypochlorite, or Ca{ClO}2. This unrefined white powder, made by running chlorine gas into slaked lime--which is the lime used by masons--is often mistakenly called "chloride of lime." It is the best type of lime to use for outhouses as its germ-killing properties are identical to those of household bleach. There are two ways to use lime in an outhouse--on the walls and in the pit. Remove accessories from the outhouse. These items may include a waste basket, toilet paper, tissues,a bucket of powdered lime and air freshener. Stir the lime and water together in a bucket until you have produced a thin paint-like mixture. Paint the interior walls of the outhouse with the lime and water mixture, using a large brush. Do not paint the seat as the mixture tends to crack and chip after a while. Allow the walls to dry thoroughly before moving the accessories back into place. This process is called whitewashing. ... more
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